About the author: 
Hey Martin here, thanks for checking out my blog.
I am 23 years old and have been making full time income online. I am your regular day normal kid... Nothing too special about me ;] Yet I have always knew that I won't work your regular 9-5.

I like doing stuff and I like to be involved in all kind of things, I like photography, article writing making videos and much more... so I probably am little bit with artistic touch you might say.

About The blog:
Now more than a year I have been experimenting all kind of different ways how you can earn money online and I specifically had my eye on YouTube. From trial and error I have to say that I have revealed surprisingly simple yet extremely profitable way how to earn money on YouTube and I will guide you to your first income.

I hope with this blog you will manage to drive extra income or better - quit your 9-5 like I have!