Best Way How To Earn Money On YouTube

Allot of people know that the main way how to earn money on YouTube is with Google AdSense program, few know that there is much more profitable way how you can earn money on YouTube. The problem with Google AdSense is, that you need enormous amount of views on your videos to earn good amount of money. That of course is not a problem if you have allot of subscribers and good community around your channel... But the thing is, to build allot of subscribers on YouTube takes years of hard work.

Take for example RayWilliamJohnson channel. Famous =3 (equals three) show where you can watch short, usually 4-5 minutes long videos where Ray is reviewing 3 viral videos. Nothing too fancy... You wont see complicated special effects, crazy stunts or extremely expensive equipment just Ray talking and throwing few jokes about the video. Yet few know that Ray has his own staff which works full time to create =3 videos. Staff members who are constantly searching for viral videos to put on the show, writing content, filming, editing footage and more.

At this time Ray's YouTube Channel has 10,497,748 subscribers and he is known to be the first YouTuber who made 1 million dollars from YouTube with AdSense program. So AdSense program is really good idea if you have talent, patience and time to put in hours each day to make high quality videos and years to build active community around your channel. Yet if you don't have time and patience and you want quick way to earn money on YouTube than affiliate marketing is by far the best way to earn money on YouTube and will give you the fastest results.
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Affiliate Marketing The Way How To Earn Money On YouTube

In essence affiliate marketing is extremely simple concept and is easy to apply if you are looking for way to earn money on YouTube... All it basically is - you join an affiliate program of some company or Pacific product, get you're unique affiliate link. When you share you're link and when some one buys the product or signs up for paid subscription, you earn % commission from products price. The commission % can be from little as 15% and high as 80% of products price.

For example company "example company" makes antivirus program called "extreme virus shield" and are selling this software for $100 for one time payment and the affiliate program is set up on 75% commission for payout. You're friend is looking for good antivirus program and - You suggest "extreme virus shield" software and give him you're affiliate link so ho could go check out the software. When you're friend buys this software you get 75 % commission which makes $75 in this case. I have to note that it can be also monthly subscription and in that case you would get paid every month from every successful deal witch comes through you're affiliate link.

There are several large online affiliate platforms where you can find affiliate programs in almost any niche imaginable, so to find products to sell is easy, the trick is getting as many people possible to go threw you're link or in other words you need traffic. There allot of ways to get traffic to or through you're affiliate link, but in most cases it will take allot of hard work or buying expensive advertisements... But fortunately there is a way how to drive tones of targeted traffic through you're affiliate link's and the way is YouTube!
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Earn Money On YouTube Step By Step

In this video you will find how to earn money on YouTube in less than 30 minutes as well it will explain and illustrate why does it work and why does it work so well. Really the beauty of this method to earn money on YouTube is that you can see your first income in even as quick as 5 minutes after publishing your fist video.

I suggest you watch this video till the end because it will show you the actual income after setting up and publishing it on YouTube.

Few bullet points you need to follow if you want to earn money on YouTube.

  • You will need to sign up for account. No worries it's 100% FREE!
  • Pick Product that you want to promote. You can use Click Bank marketplace or I suggest website.
  • Get you're affiliate link of product you like to promote.
  • Register on YouTube and create you're YouTube channel
  • Make some video about product you are promoting. It can be simple as slide show or something like review of the product and encourage others to try it out.
  • Add you're affiliate link first thing in you're video description box and write little description of the video. Make sure to put good video title, you need title that people will write in search box to find you're video.
  • Publish your video and wait for your first commissions

Sometimes it can take a while before your video gets good steady stream of views but when it does your video will make money for you as long the video is on YouTube. Just for a quick example just one video makes me over a $800 a month... not bad if you think that one time 15-30 minutes of work makes you some think like 10k a year.

To Increase chance of earning more money on YouTube you can try to optimize your videos SEO,
Just few simple steps that will help your video to gain views and that of course will translate in more earnings from YouTube.

More Traffic To Earn More Money On YouTube

Few tricks to increase your YouTube video views to help you EARN MORE MONEY ON YOUTUBE

Video Title

Video clip Title is one of the major aspects of successfully increasing YouTube views and how to earn money on YouTube. When individuals are searching something on YouTube they're going to type the particular keyword what exactly they are seeking. For example'' the best way to lose weight'' and for starters they will check up on the subject title, but they will not spend enough time reading titles especially lengthy boring versions, So you intend to make the video subject Short but with a thing that stands right out of the others,
Good example could well be '' STUNNING TRUTH about Weight-loss REVILED!!! '' As possible see the particular part 'Stunning truth' instantly cashes human eye and he's going to check it out. Remember to keep your subject short and with something that stand right out of the others. This will definitely enable you to video have more YouTube views and more youtube earnings.

Video Tag's

In Tag's area you have to add almost all kind the variations of your respective main key phrase. For illustration: How to forfeit weight, Lose fat fast, fastest way to lose pounds, weight lose program and the like. You can find the best search phrases in only two ways, both of them are easy and do not take long while.

Google keyword planner
Go to Google keyword planner in addition to type your primary keywords. It will show similar keywords or phrases and you can just copy these keywords and paste within your YouTube labels / tags.

Grab keywords / tags from other related YouTube videos .
Just enter in YouTube Weight loss, click one few first handful videos in addition to grab their tags copy these and paste them on you're video .

Video description

Quite simple way to help your video get more views yet crucial step on how to earn money on YouTube. Take your time to wright good article explaining what is your video all about and what people can find helpful. The trick is to mix in your keyword in the description.

I would not suggest you to go too crazy on spamming your keyword, I would suggest you to put one one top of the description, one in the middle and one in the bottom.  

 Squeeze more juice from your links

Call for action will help you to earn more money on YouTube! People are lazy beings, but thy do tend to act when some one is demanding or inviting them. So as simple as it sounds all you need to do is invite them to click on your link's.
Just by saying :"if you liked my video feel free to subscribe" you will see at least 30% of increase of your subscription sign ups. You can say it in the video and good idea is pointing with your finger on links location or with some graphic arrow.


Thumbnail is really good way to improve clicks on your video. simple question: which video will you click on in this case if you're searching how to lose weight? I can bet that you will click on the second video with good, clear thumbnail.

Video content quality

You'll want to pay good attention on the video quality to enhance YouTube views. Basically it goes in two parts, quality on the video and content on the video. Nobody likes fuzzy videos, most of the time when I select video and possesses been used with a few terrible camera and shaky I simply navigate from this. But if you be using PC cams mostly you would like to think regarding video information. Basically prior to filming this video feel over how would you like to make the item and ensure everything is usually prepared.
Remember about reality Give people what they demand and you may get what you are looking for.
Try to make your videos as short as possible!!! Make the item as short as you possibly can and with top quality .

For anyone who is making videos per week or even more I suggest you generating some expert intros, I actually do suggest an individual hire a few video video specialist to make you regarding maximum 15 sec. cool HIGH DEFINITION intro, people will like your 1st seconds on the video and they're going to stick longer, this will defiantly provide help to increase video views. So with these few steps how to earn money on YouTube you will definitely increase your income.

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