Best Way How To Earn Money On YouTube

Allot of people know that the main way how to earn money on YouTube is with Google AdSense program, few know that there is much more profitable way how you can earn money on YouTube. The problem with Google AdSense is, that you need enormous amount of views on your videos to earn good amount of money. That of course is not a problem if you have allot of subscribers and good community around your channel... But the thing is, to build allot of subscribers on YouTube takes years of hard work.

Take for example RayWilliamJohnson channel. Famous =3 (equals three) show where you can watch short, usually 4-5 minutes long videos where Ray is reviewing 3 viral videos. Nothing too fancy... You wont see complicated special effects, crazy stunts or extremely expensive equipment just Ray talking and throwing few jokes about the video. Yet few know that Ray has his own staff which works full time to create =3 videos. Staff members who are constantly searching for viral videos to put on the show, writing content, filming, editing footage and more.

At this time Ray's YouTube Channel has 10,497,748 subscribers and he is known to be the first YouTuber who made 1 million dollars from YouTube with AdSense program. So AdSense program is really good idea if you have talent, patience and time to put in hours each day to make high quality videos and years to build active community around your channel. Yet if you don't have time and patience and you want quick way to earn money on YouTube than affiliate marketing is by far the best way to earn money on YouTube and will give you the fastest results.
Make sure to read more about affiliate marketing why it is the way to go if you are looking for way how to make money on YouTube or looking for extra income from home, don't forget to comment or ask your questions below this article.

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