Affiliate Marketing The Way How To Earn Money On YouTube

In essence affiliate marketing is extremely simple concept and is easy to apply if you are looking for way to earn money on YouTube... All it basically is - you join an affiliate program of some company or Pacific product, get you're unique affiliate link. When you share you're link and when some one buys the product or signs up for paid subscription, you earn % commission from products price. The commission % can be from little as 15% and high as 80% of products price.

For example company "example company" makes antivirus program called "extreme virus shield" and are selling this software for $100 for one time payment and the affiliate program is set up on 75% commission for payout. You're friend is looking for good antivirus program and - You suggest "extreme virus shield" software and give him you're affiliate link so ho could go check out the software. When you're friend buys this software you get 75 % commission which makes $75 in this case. I have to note that it can be also monthly subscription and in that case you would get paid every month from every successful deal witch comes through you're affiliate link.

There are several large online affiliate platforms where you can find affiliate programs in almost any niche imaginable, so to find products to sell is easy, the trick is getting as many people possible to go threw you're link or in other words you need traffic. There allot of ways to get traffic to or through you're affiliate link, but in most cases it will take allot of hard work or buying expensive advertisements... But fortunately there is a way how to drive tones of targeted traffic through you're affiliate link's and the way is YouTube!
Make sure you read my article on how to set up your channel to make money on YouTube and feel free to leave a comment or a question.

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