Earn Money On YouTube Step By Step

In this video you will find how to earn money on YouTube in less than 30 minutes as well it will explain and illustrate why does it work and why does it work so well. Really the beauty of this method to earn money on YouTube is that you can see your first income in even as quick as 5 minutes after publishing your fist video.

I suggest you watch this video till the end because it will show you the actual income after setting up and publishing it on YouTube.

Few bullet points you need to follow if you want to earn money on YouTube.

  • You will need to sign up for account. No worries it's 100% FREE!
  • Pick Product that you want to promote. You can use Click Bank marketplace or I suggest website.
  • Get you're affiliate link of product you like to promote.
  • Register on YouTube and create you're YouTube channel
  • Make some video about product you are promoting. It can be simple as slide show or something like review of the product and encourage others to try it out.
  • Add you're affiliate link first thing in you're video description box and write little description of the video. Make sure to put good video title, you need title that people will write in search box to find you're video.
  • Publish your video and wait for your first commissions

Sometimes it can take a while before your video gets good steady stream of views but when it does your video will make money for you as long the video is on YouTube. Just for a quick example just one video makes me over a $800 a month... not bad if you think that one time 15-30 minutes of work makes you some think like 10k a year.

To Increase chance of earning more money on YouTube you can try to optimize your videos SEO,
Just few simple steps that will help your video to gain views and that of course will translate in more earnings from YouTube.

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